5 Steps to Connect at Salvation Church

Churches can seem overwhelming at times. We hope to fix that.
After you've visited us on a Sunday for a Worship Service,  
take every step below to get connected at Salvation Church and in the end,
you'll find yourself at home and a disciple who make disciples as Jesus commands.

Step 1: Meet & Greet

Meet one or more of the Pastors or ministry leaders after any service in the Lobby and ask any questions you may have about Salvation Church.

step 2: Life Group

Visit a Life Group and find one where you can get to know others from Salvation Church and begin loving one another as Jesus commands. These meet in homes every other week on various days/times. Click here for more info.

Step 3: Serving Team

Find a team you would like to serve on and jump in serving the Lord! Click here for more info.

step 4: Membership

Offered 3 times per year, this 3-session course informs you what church membership is from the Scriptures as well as what Salvation believes and practices on various doctrines. This is your opportunity to ask questions and consider making Salvation your church home. Click here for more info.

Step 5: DX Group

These groups are for members who answer Jesus' call to become a disciple who makes disciples. The goal is to become more like Jesus and be trained to lead such a group by the end of the 50-session course. Click here or more info.

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