DX Groups

The "DX" stands for "Discipleship Multiplication".  

The purpose and design of these groups is in the name and modeled after Jesus' discipleship method of pouring into three men, Peter, James and John, who went on to do the same, and so forth. The history of the world has forevermore been changed because of His plan!

DX Groups are groups of 2-4 men only/women only (or 2-4 couples) who gather 3-4 times per month on various days/times for 50 sessions to receive a Christianity 101-level education. The two-fold goals are to apply the truths of the Bible to one's life and start a DX Group when his or her group is complete.

These are more intense, intimate and intentional than our Life Groups. One must either be a Member at Salvation Church or another church to participate.

The first DX Groups will launch late Fall 2021.